Gain control over your taxes – invest in the Tourism Conservation Fund

Gain control over your taxes – invest in the Tourism Conservation Fund

Are you aware that you can redirect your tax obligation from SARS to the Tourism Conservation Fund – and qualify for full tax relief on the donation?

We are a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO No: 930055847) established in 2018 as a partnership between the SA Tourism Industry and the Peace Parks Foundation. Any donation you make to us is fully deductible from your taxable income for the current year.

All donations to the Fund will attract full B-BBEE scorecard points under the Enterprise and Socio-economic Development categories. This applies whether you are a company or an individual – but the payment must be made before 28th February 2020.

The process is simple and transparent – and you have complete control. As soon as we receive your donation we issue you with a Section 18A certificate. This is SARS-accredited and entitles you to immediate tax relief. Submit this form to SARS with your tax documentation and the deduction will be automatic.

Your donation will enable us to deepen and broaden the economic linkages we are helping to create – between commercial lodges and community businesses operating ‘on the other side of the fence’ who have been historically excluded from such commercial opportunities.

By building greater inclusion across our wildlife economy and sharing the value that these parks create, we are undermining the incentives that drive poaching and the social disruption that threatens our wildlife economy.

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