Our Theory of Change

The goal of the Fund is to help protect and promote South Africa’s biodiversity by addressing the socio-economic causes of environmental crime.

Its focus will be on preserving the Big Five, with specific immediate attention given to the rhino. If SA’s biodiversity in relation to these iconic species were to be compromised – e.g. if the Big Five were to become the Big Four – it would significantly reduce international tourism flows to SA. This would have immediate and widespread consequences for investment, economic activity, incomes and jobs across the sector.

The Fund will realise its conservation goals through a number of investment programmes. Taken together and over time, these aim to reduce the incentives that drive poaching in communities that border the country’s most vulnerable parks.

The Fund will communicate the results of its initiatives so as to explicitly enhance the appreciation in poor communities of the benefits that derive from strong wildlife parks able to sustain commercial activity and a healthy biodiversity.