RHINO GIN has been crafted from a unique blend of rare Renosterveld fynbos to produce an exquisite product designed to capture the quality of South Africa’s endangered fauna and flora.

At the heart of the blend is Renosterbos, (rhinoceros grass) which is only found in a few locations within the Western Cape. The plant mirrors the plight of its namesake, the Rhino, which is under siege as a result of poaching driven by international criminal syndicates.

Founder of the craft gin revolution, Roger Jorgenson, used Helychrysum, Confetti Bush, the rich spicy African wormwood, wild sage and rosemary, aromatic Buchu and off course, renosterbos itself to blend a uniquely South African gin in a 200-year-old cape copper pot still affectionately called ‘Ugly Betty’.

The Renosterbos used to flavour the gin were pruned in their natural habitat and not destroyed.

RHINO GIN is distributed free of charge by Under the Influence, a company established to bring better beverages from independent winemakers and distillers to its customers in Africa.

100% of all proceeds from the sale of RHINO GIN go to conservation initiatives which address the causes and consequences of wildlife crime in South Africa. We will also support innovative anti-poaching initiatives – depending on the availability of resources.

We are interested in creating and enabling innovative partnerships which are aligned to these goals. Please share any ideas you may have regarding high impact initiatives in support of this work.

Due to the limited release, only cases of six bottles at R2,160 per case (vat exclusive) are available. We will produce sufficient volumes to meet the demand from the retail market early in the New Year.

The first production run has been sold out. A second production run is being discussed. Any further developments will be posted on this website.

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