TAHS-SA Homestay Initiative

TAHS-SA Homestay Initiative

The Tourism Conservation Fund is thrilled to finalise the second Inclusive Business Linkage Fund partnership contract with tour operator Abang Africa Travel and TAHS-SA (Traditional African Homestays South Africa), an organisation that engages with communities on a deep level and provides the necessary tools and training so that the community is able to open their homes to local and international tourists and offer them real authentic tourism experiences.

 TCF is proud to have partnered with Abang Africa travel and TAHS-SA to enable yet another village to open their homes and hearts to tourists.

“We use sustainable tourism practices as a vehicle to uplift and support local communities. The opportunity we are creating and the experience we are providing is as authentic as it gets. It is a participatory process through which rural communities learn over time, through their own experiences and initiatives, how to adapt their indigenous knowledge to their changing world and allow this particular knowledge to form part of the tourism products with the context of their own time, space and conditions.

The homestay initiative will directly contribute to the homestay mothers, the guides, the activity hosts (traditional cooking lessons, beading, dancing, etc.), local markets, artists and more importantly the moral of the community. The homestay initiative will empower the community and make members feel involved and responsible – working towards a common goal” says Co-Founder Kylie Henn.

Since the project launched on 29 August 2017, Makushu-Mosholombi village has hosted more than 50 international guests and 45 local guests. The program has enabled 25 homestay moms to open their homes for international guests, 10 guides to be trained as local guides, and a whole community to be included in the tourism value chain.

The successful implementation of the TAHS-SA principals will create awareness and provide a blueprint that can be replicated throughout the country for all-inclusive growth, ultimately addressing the challenges of unemployment, poverty, inequality, and lack of skills development in rural villages.

TAHS-SA Principals:

  • create a real authentic cultural experience for guests
  • promote social cohesion
  • respect & preserve the culture in the village
  • create a platform for the local community to harness existing skills to enhance livelihood
  • create a sustainable tourism initiative to the benefit of communities
  • support for skills development within the community
  • create job opportunities

 Abang Africa Travel is a well-established Tour operator that is focused on experiential travel and responsible tourism, offering travelers authentic experiences throughout Southern Africa and is the commercial partner providing co-funding and route to market.

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