The Inclusive Business Linkage Fund

The third Inclusive Business Linkage (IBLF) funding window is now open to applicants and will run until the 31st of May 2019.

It is dedicated to supporting partnerships rooted in community homestay and related cultural experiences. It focuses on activities and experiences that attract safari travelers to experience, participate in and enjoy life and traditional activities in the villages around our game parks.

21st-century travelers increasingly seek more than the traditional sightings of game and nature that lie at the heart of the wildlife experience. They want to meet local people and experience their ways of life. Activities and partnerships of this kind bring together formal and informal sector parties who have little prior experience of working together.

Our support aims to help grow this high potential market in South Africa. We invite potential partners to look at opportunities that might hitherto have been considered infeasible due to the uncertainties and costs associated with them.

The Fund will extend once-off grants to qualifying partners to establish or extend community homestay and experience partnerships with small and emerging community entrepreneurs.

The Fund only supports initiatives which we believe will succeed commercially after our support ceases. We do not support charities or start-ups but actively seek partnerships between commercial players, community enterprises and NGOs.

Grants of up to R150, 000 will be extended to qualifying partners on a 1:1 matched funding basis (whether measured in cash or in-kind). Approved grants will need to be disbursed over a maximum period of 18 months and involve reporting periods of up to 24 months.

Our geographic focus is on partnerships which operate within the immediate vicinity of SA’s parks and conservancies which suffer from wildlife crime, particularly relating to the flagship ‘Big Five’ species.

Details regarding the criteria and procedures governing the operation of this Fund, together with a guide to the online application form, can be accessed here.

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